In a few days, athletes from across the globe will descend upon self-professed “Russian Riviera”, Sochi, for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Among those eagerly awaiting the chance to represent their country, are the Jamaican Bobsleigh team. And get this – they’ve only been waiting 12 years! Digimind’s Social Media Monitoring tool, finds out exactly why the Jamaican giants of the bobsledding world are topping the social media scoreboard and we give you the social media 411 on Cool Runnings 2.0…


Jamaica bobsleigh sochi 2014

Despite qualifying for Sochi 2014 on 20th January, the chances of the Caribbean crew actually making it to Russia seemed slim, with uncertainty rearing its ugly head in the form of a huge financial roadblock. The dynamic duo, consisting of Marvin Dixon (brakeman) and Winston Watts (driver), could not even afford to attend the previous heat in Switzerland, relying on past sledding scores to get them to Sochi. All in all, their Olympic dreams were seriously hanging in the balance…

That was until word got out on social media networks.

Whether it was the memorable mantra, “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time”, from 1998 Disney Classic, ‘Cool Runnings’, or the prospect of a sequel; something pulled at the heartstrings, quickly followed by the purse strings, of internet-users across the globe. Online donors saved the day, by raising a huge $130,000 in donations, including $30,000 in Dogecoins (the latest crypto-currency craze), to get the beloved bobsledders to Sochi.

social media analytics

With a little help from Digimind’s Top Reputation tool, tuning into this touching turn of events couldn’t be easier. The unique social media listening feature, shows exactly which keywords US internauts are searching for when they Google the words, bobsleigh + jamaica:

Top concepts - bobsleigh jamaica

And that’s not all! Social media analytics from Digimind Social reveal that the keyword crowdfunding is frequently being associated with the term bobsleigh, take a look:

top concept jamaica bobsleigh smm

What’s more, according to Digimind’s Top Results data, the Jamaican bobsledding big-shots are generating their fair share of forum furor! The talked-about team are topping the social media scoreboards on US forums and discussion groups, for all queries related to bobsleigh:

 Top results - Discussions - Bobsleigh


Interestingly, Digimind’s Top Concepts tool tells us that the term Dogecoin features as the third most common concept in Google searches for bobsleigh, closely followed by Jamaican Bobsleigh team. What does this tell us? Forums are fuelling the future of the Carribean cash campaign…now there’s food for thought!

social media monitoring BobsleighIn other news, the latest company to jump on the Team Jamaica bandwagon (or should I say, bobsleigh) are Samsung, who’s “Keep on Pushing” campaign, is suspiciously synonymous of ‘Cool Runnings’. In true Digimind style,we did a little digging and found that Samsung’s coincidental commercial, started setting a few trends of its own…

Wow! I don’t know about you, but these statistics sure are jamaican’ us excited to see the dynamic duo in action…

Make sure you stay clued-up with the bobsledding boys in action and find out whether Team Jamaica are worthy of a win at this year’s Winter Olympics, with Digimind Social.

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