9 lessons from the social media warriors of Westeros

Want to know what the ‪‎Game of Thrones‬ gurus can tell you about social media monitoring? Well, look no further!

In our latest Slideshare presentation, we let the social media warriors of Westeros give you 9 lessons in ‪social media monitoring and provide you with essential insights into how harnessing social media listening can benefit your business.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to spy on your competitors (without going to jail!)
  • Why social listening leads the way in marketing at the moment
  • How you can climb the ranks of the social media sphere
  • Why instigating relationships with influencers is more important than ever
  • How to effectively fight social media firestorms using SMM tools
  • Why predicting the future may not be such a remote possibility…

Jerome Maisch
Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover



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