Sochi 2014 is now well and truly underway and here at Digimind, we have been meticulously monitoring which topics are trending in the social media, and Olympic, arena. According to Digimind’s Social Media Monitoring Tool, clinching majority mentions this week, are the phenomenal figure skating fiends of the Sochi ice rinks…

But why, you might be wondering, is figure skating fuelling such a fierce following? Well, you needn’t look further than the ghastly grimace of Godorozha (Ukraine) or the magnificent mug of Mao Asada (Japan) for your answer…



Figure skating: a sport renowned for its grace, elegance and now – thanks to Facebook furor and Twitter talk across the world – funny facial expressions! Although, as one of the hardest sports to master in the world, it is hardly surprising that these skating sensations struggle to keep a straight face…

The crazy caught-on-camera contortions from the Sochi skating rink, have also caused quite a stir on social media networks, with figure skating shares skyrocketing through the roof. According to Digimind’s social media listening tool, the laughable Olympians are setting trends in the social media arena (if not in the Olympic one!) On Sunday 9th February, for example, ice skating faces took social media by storm, generating an audience of 37 million.

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What’s more, using Digimind’s multi-level analysis tool, we can work out exactly which Winter Olympics story was wowing the web on 9th February. It can only be: the wrath of Wagner (the US figure skater, not to be mistaken with the 19th century composer):

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Despite a slight drop in coverage in recent days, social media analytics show that the eccentric expressions have a potential audience of 97 million – wow!

Digimind, too, skates on thin ice, as we share 6 of Sochi’s most sensational skating sneers, scowls and smirks and find out who’s skating their way to social media stardom:

1. There’s nothing polished about Plushenko’s (Russia) pose in this marvellous mugshot, but, according to Digimind’s social listening tool, the press certainly seem to be plugging him…

 social media listening

2.  G-force got the better of Bychenko (Israel) in this hair-raising rotation, but even so, his crazy countenance captured the hearts of 15 million on Valentines Day:

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3. Chinese competitor, Han’s open-mouthed mug, sadly didn’t have internauts yelling “Yan!” from the social media rooftops…

social listening tool analysis

4. Gaszi’s regrettable gaze and eye-popping pout may have left partner Zhiganshina taken aback, but unlike their skating style, the German duo’s social stats have stayed somewhat steady…

social media analysis

5. Mao Asada’s (Japan) tense contortion is one of the most marvellous mugshots we’ve seen at Digimind. Our social media analytics show the figure skater’s figures booming, due to the Daily Mail’s “freak show” feature on Wednesday 19th February:

Mao Asada - Trend

6. Last but not least, Jorik Hendrickx of Belgium is a coy carbon copy of Carry On’s Kenneth Williams – ooh matron! Hendrickx made headlines of his own in the men’s figure skating finals on 15th February, with a followership of 37 million…

Jorik Hendrickx - social media Trends

Digimind’s social media monitoring software, Digimind Social, will be here to keep a watchful eye over all future goings-on in the Games – be they serious Sochi issues or down-right ridiculous reports.

To find out how you can get your hands on similar social media statistics, tailor-made for your business, check out our FREE DEMO today.

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