Last night, we witnessed England lose their second World Cup 2014 match, this time against Uruguay, one of the strongest South American football teams in the tournament. As we watched the match underfold in wonderment, Digimind couldn’t help wonder ourselves what social media had to say about the Brits’ play…

At Digimind, our social media monitoring tool surveyed the social media landscape surrounding the England vs Uruguay match yesterday, to see what was causing an online uproar for footballing fans across the world! Here’s what’s was causing a stir in #Brazil2014 last night…

1. Competitor Benchmark

Digimind Social’s unique, advanced benchmarking tool enabled us to put both teams (England and Uruguay) under the social media microscope. What’s more, we studied the social stats side-by-side to see the social discrepancies between the two teams – check it out…

World Cup - Overview England vs Uruguay

As you can see from our social media overview, on June 19th (the day of the big match) mentions of England hit the roof, capturing the World Cup comments of 30,732 supporters. Uruguay somewhat lagged on the mentions ladder, reeling in a relatively lower 17,658 mentions during the course of the day.


2. Social Sentiment

Sentiment on social media also tells a different story between the two teams: despite England’s footballing failure on the pitch, posts about the Brits were relatively more positive than that the unsuspecting Uruguayans.

World Cup - HOW England v Uruguay


3. When was social speaking?

To analyse the buzz-generation surrounding the two teams, Digimind Social zoomed in on the two days leading up to the game, to see exactly when social media was speaking about the footballing foes.

Social started buzzing about the blues (Uruguay) on Wednesday 18th June, but began to properly peak on match-day (Thursday 19th June), reaching 17K mentions. In the red corner, mentions on the England team also steadily accelerated on Wednesday and again shot up on the 19th, this time up to 30.5K mentions!

World Cup - WHEN England v Uruguay

When we zoomed in on an hour-by-hour basis, we saw mentions of England shoot up at 8pm GMT as the match got underway. The second significant peak in mentions came just as Rooney netted his first World Cup goal in the 75th minute. However, mentions really rocketed after the match, with World Cup revellers recounting their reactions:

World Cup - WHEN England

Similarly, Uruguayan supporters shrieked of their excitement on social media and mentions spiked, as so-called injured Suarez scored two screamers, pushing the South Americans higher up in the World Cup rankings:

World Cup - WHEN Uruguay
When it comes to social media, it seems the Brits have it sussed but its the Uruguayans fuelling a furor on the football field. For now, the footballing fate of England lies with the results of the upcoming matches, but unfortunately, unlike social media sentiment, World Cup footballing fortunes for the Brits don’t look so sunny…

Digimind’s social media monitoring software, Digimind Social, will be here to keep a watchful eye over all future footballing frenzies on social media during the World Cup 2014.

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