With 2016 around the corner, preparations for the new year countdown celebrations are in full swing.

But it looks like there was a spanner thrown in the works for one.

Mediacorp’s decision to bring international music act and gay icon Adam Lambert as the headline performer for their countdown celebrations caused a furore online, with anonymous netizens starting a petition on 26 November to remove him for fear of his risque performances. However, this prompted a counter petition to allow him to perform.

With both petitions neck in neck – 12 307 signatures supporting Adam Lambert and 14 259 signatures against him as of 27 November 5pm, and the former eventually winning by 4, 675 votes, we monitored the stats over the weekend to see what stand social media in Singapore had taken: 

Majority of social media spoke in support of Adam Lambert, with 59% expressing a desire for the singer to perform in Singapore or calling on Singaporeans to be more open-minded about allowing him to headline the celebrations regardless of his sexuality.

Likewise, the 40% who maintained a neutral stance towards Adam Lambert questioned the original petition to remove him, even highlighting the “unnecessary” and “dramatic” nature of the episode:



And while social media got vocal about allowing Adam Lambert to carry on performing at the new year countdown, influeners and netizens alike questioned the legitimacy of protesting against him:




It also looks like Adam Lambert may have found an unlikely social media ally in opposition politician Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who couldn’t help but add his two-cents worth about the “anti-family” concerns raised by the first petition:


Want to keep track of who’s saying what about who onilne?




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