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Jerome Maisch - Oct 20, 2016

#DMWF NYC Social Highlights!

The Digital Marketing World Forum, #DMWF, is a global marketing event that explores the latest trends and best practices in social and digital marketing. The event is hosted in digital hubs in around the world including London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore and in our local city of New York. This year, the event took place at Metropolitan West On October 18th - 19th where companies like IBM, American Express, National Geographic, Buzzfeed, Wrigley,Trivago, Spotify, PepsiCo and many more gathered to discover the ever-evolving state of social to discover how their companies can be on top of it’s fast-paced transformations. We gained great insights sitting in on the various session topics and even did a bit of social listening on our own about the event. Check out the highlights.

Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer, Glen Gilmore opened the event with his Chair welcome and kicked off the start of the forum with keynote speaker Thomas Wrobel, Trivago's  Global Head of Performance Marketing. Wrobel presented: eCommerce initiatives to build future growth.

Key Points

  • Restructuring requires a different set of people. Specialization over generalization is key. Companies must be willing to invest in individuals with specific skills and talents, the generalist is losing value in today’s ecommerce and social media world.
  • Choose proper KPIs for your company. When restructuring and setting new goals for digital strategies, KPIs and measures of achievements should change. Set standards, quotas and an ambitious reach for your team that will get the company motivated and aligned to the future vision of the company.
  • Marketing needs people aware of the shift in marketing. Leadership and employees need to be aware of the digital shift of marketing or else the company could miss out on many opportunities. Traditionalists still do not see the value in social media and rather invest in the antiquated forms of media, bring data and insights to show social media is the new billboard, magazine, television, and mail posts of our day.
  • People need to be able to work with large sets of data. Millions if not billions of pieces of data is created daily. Develop a team and invest in the resources able to manage and use big data.

Overall, Wrobel left the audience with these keys: Test.Try and Learn. In all digital marketing initiatives, be it restructuring, deciding a new platform to use or developing new performance measurements. Try it out, measure it and learn from the results. This will lead to long-term success.

Social Listening

We also did a bit of social listening of our own at the event and tracked Top Hashtags. No surprise the hosts of the event, DMWF, received first place followed by all things digital and marketing.

Top-hashtags-at-#DMWF-NY Top hashtags at #DMWF NY

Trending topics

The level of influencers at the event was quite the surplus. It’s no surprise that this was a key concept at the event considering brands such as Reebok, VSCO, Danone, Intel Security, M&C Saatchi and countless others.  

Digimind-Social-#DMWF-Key-Concepts Digimind Social #DMWF Key Concepts

Top Influencers

Sean Gardner was socially active at the event crowned top influencer next to Digital Marketing World Forum for his Tweeting. Perla Jones and Kelley Galloway followed behind with their daily Tweets across the event. All influencers and attendees contributed to the success of the forum, proving that social media is a force to reckon with, the subject we were all there to champion.

DMWF-Top-Social-Media-Influencers #DMWF Top Social Media Influencers

The event was insightful and informative. Panelists and influencers agreed that the future of social and technology lies in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and of course social media. Stay connected! Check out our upcoming events including our Socialize Chicago and Socialize NYC coming up in November. See you then!

Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover