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Melissa Chue - Nov 14, 2016

Breaking down the mountain of online chatter | PR Asia 2016

Online reputation management. It's the biggest challenge faced by communication directors today, according to a 2015 study conducted by Brunswick Insights. Indeed, the rise of social media has allowed customers to share their experiences and opinions rapidly, which can impact a brand in minutes, even seconds.

But what is online reputation?

At the 4th annual PR Asia conference, our Customer Success Director APAC Olivier Girard shared that a brand's online reputation consists of three dimensions:

  • What the brand says: Anything and everything that a brand posts on its owned social media pages, including branded content.
  • What people say: Experiences and opinions that a brand's customers share online.
  • What Google says: What you see when you Google a brand name.

With the customer's journey starting at Google and spanning across social media, brands would definitely want to pay attention to their online reputation management in these areas.

Watch the full keynote here:


What are the key KPIs for online reputation management?

As social media has evolved over the years, so has the way a brand manages its online reputation. Communication directors have to focus on:

  • Share of voice by brand, product, and spokespeople
  • Market coverage by country, region, and language
  • Market coverage by publication
  • Research of topics: what is your brand's share of voice among all the online discussions about a specific topic?
  • Qualifying articles: what counts as high level coverage for your brand?

How Google can impact your brand's online reputation

Type your brand's name in the Google search bar and see what shows up under the auto-search suggestion. Are they positive terms that hint at what your customers are searching about your brand, or are they something you would not want to associate with your brand?

Google's auto-search suggestion can influence your customers' buying decision even before they search your brand. The goal of every communication or marketing professional is not only a high volume of online chatter, but also positive chatter that will influence the purchase behaviour of a brand's audience.

Want to take these insights to go? Check out the full presentation on our Slideshare

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Written by Melissa Chue

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