On 27 October 2016, Twitter announced it would be discontinuing Vine – four years after acquiring it. Known for launching comedy acts like the Eh Bee Family and Brittany Furlan, the short-form video sharing platform appears to have lost to competitors like Instagram.

While videos still remain a driving force in marketing and social media, how can brands re-vamp their strategies post-Vine? What is APAC’s take on its discontinuation? We’ve rounded up what the region’s digital leaders think in this week’s edition of Top Tweets:


❶ Revamp your video strategies in a post-Vine age.

❷ 5 ways to move on with your video strategies.

❸ Does Vine’s discontinuation = the death of Twitter?

❹ What Vine’s continuation signals for marketers’ investment in video.

❺ And last but not least, a look back at the

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