Storytelling is a powerful tool. It’s why we re-watch old movies, pick up new books, and share news with our friends and family.

The same principle applies for marketing. Tell a moving story related to your brand, and it will spread among your audience like wildfire. From humorous episodes to emotionally powerful lessons, marketers are realising the true value of storytelling as a bridge between brand and customer.

This week, we’ve rounded up storytelling tips and titbits from Asia Pacific’s digital leaders, so fellow marketers like you can get the ideal happy ending for your brand or client:

❶ 5 visual storytelling trends that are shaping the future of communication.

❷ Want to connect with people? Listen first.

❸ Listening goes a long way in aiding the creative process.

❹ Video is the marketing trend of 2016, but how can you leverage it for your social media?

❺ Grow your Twitter following with powerful stories.

Feeling inspired to start your storytelling journey? Stay tuned for more top tips and Tweets!



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