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Melissa Chue - Jul 15, 2016

Asia’s Top Tweets of the Week | 15.07.2016 #Instagram

Fun fact: did you know that the first ever Instagram picture was posted on 16 July 2010? It’s no secret that the photo sharing platform has grown into a marketing behemoth. 

But beyond pictures and funky hashtags, how can marketers truly leverage Instagram? We turned to Asia Pacific's top tweeters to break down the Instagram phenomenon:

❶ Instagram's biggest advantage lies in allowing users to post on the go

❷ Where to learn the ins and outs of Instagram marketing

❸ How to up your engagement game on Instagram

❹ How to get more clients from Instagram

❺ The secret to leveraging influencers on Instagram

This year, Instagram underwent massive changes, including an algorithm and a new logo. What developments lie ahead for it? Tweet us @digimindci!




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Written by Melissa Chue

I’m a marketer by day and a writer and content creator by night. At Digimind, I oversee content and events for the Asia Pacific market. AMA about social media!