The holidays can be overwhelming for marketers, with brands and retailers vying for attention during a shopper’s most wonderful time of the year.  As a result, communications become crowded and expensive, as companies of all industries multiply their budgets and infiltrate the market with catchy jingles and enticing deals. How do you get your message out during the holidays?  Social media just might be your answer. This year, social media will influence about 50% of shoppers during the holiday season.  Here are 5 tips to being heard through the noise

1.  Span multiple platforms.  Don’t limit yourself to Facebook this holiday season. Instead, spread your influence on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other platform that will get you closer to your target. Your posts should deliver a consistent message, but you can tailor the content for each community of followers.  Shoppers are everywhere, and more shares     means more sales.  Don’t forget those hashtags.

2.  Localise.  Know who you are targeting and know where they are.  Generally speaking, chatting with a New Yorker about ice skating at the Rockefeller Center and 6th Avenue’s giant ornaments is more than  likely to be an agreeable conversation.  Similarly, you can leverage geo-targeting to send relevant messages that will make your brand more relatable to those receiving them.

3.  Go Behind-the-Scenes. Social media can be leveraged to foster the holiday cheer, from inside your office, out to your products.  Give your customers an inside look at your company culture, documenting holiday parties, decorations, and anything else that gives your products and organisation that extra human element.

4.  The Buy Button.  The holidays are a chaotic time to be a shopper, and consumers -both on and offline- will opt for convenience.  Streamline direct sales by monetising your social platforms.  A simple “buy it now” button will take your shopper right where he or she needs to be. This added level of efficiency may be just what it takes to close a sale.

5.  User Generated Content. It is increasingly important to build personal connections with followers while they are being bombarded with holiday marketing. Put them in the  spotlight.  This collaborative approach to marketing brings an added level of personalisation that can set you apart from your competitors.

Jerome Maisch
Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover


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