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Jerome Maisch - Mar 18, 2014

10 Tips to Optimise Your Instagram Impact

What can a multinational brand learn from a selfie-loving teen with 400 Instagram followers? The answer is, a lot. Why so? Because, as any influential Instagrammer will tell you, managing an effective Instagram account and building a large and loyal followership certainly is not child’s play.

With 75% of leading brands present on the platform and an estimated 150 million users per month, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing mobile apps to date since its inception in 2010 and a leading launch pad for businesses to promote their visual content. Unlike other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, the filter-enabled picture displaying social app promotes visual content: it gives brands the opportunity to reveal the charisma behind the company; the team spirit behind the suits.

However, corporations cannot count on fun photos alone to fuel a loyal following. Managing an effective Instagram account is more than posting pretty pictures, it’s about listening to customers’ needs, engaging in and creating conversation and ultimately benefitting the brand’s bottom-line.

How do we know all this? Here at Digimind, we have a serious case of Insta-envy: we have analysed some of Instagram’s top-followed brands and give you a sneak-preview into how they have perfected the art of the corporate selfie...


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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover