The World Cup 2014 has now truly kicked-off and what a stunning start it’s been! Here at Digimind we survey the social media playing field, to see which teams are winning in the social media stakes. Throughout #Brazil2014, we pit your favourite teams against each other on the social media pitch and find out which is causing a footballing frenzy and who is being socially sidelined…

Weekend Rankings: 13 – 15 June

Over the weekend, we witnessed both winners and losers on the football pitch and the social media playing field. Digimind Social surveyed the social media landscape to find out which teams and players were topping the tables in terms of social media mentions. Here’s what we found:

World Cup Rankings (14 - 15 June)

Unsurpisingly, topping the tables for the teams are Team Brazil, the football favourites to win this year’s World Cup. Close in second over the weekend were the Spaniards, whose embarrassing result against the Dutch left social media stunned – more on this later! The England vs Italy match on Saturday night also saw social stirring, causing the two teams to top the social scoreboard, along with the jubilant Dutch.

As for popular players, the Dutch took the top spots, with footballing marvel, Messi (yet to take to the tournament’s stage) clinching third. Ronaldo and Neymar, favourites among football fans across the globe, follow in fourth and fifth place.

Friday 13th June


One of the most shocking results to date was that of the Netherlands vs Spain, with the Dutch trouncing the Spaniards 5 – 1 in their World Cup debut. Superstitious Spaniards may put the outrageous result down to the match date (Friday 13th), but here at Digimind we want to know, if that’s how they faired on the footie field, how did they fare in the social media arena?

According to our social stats, which monitored social media mentions of Spain and Holland on an hour-by-hour basis, we found that social media began buzzing (big-time!) at 23.00pm GMT time, approximately 2 hours after the end of the match. The sustained social buzz continued through the early hours of the morning on Saturday 15th and only began to die down after 18:00pm:

Netherlands v Spain - WHEN world cup
Saturday 14th June


On Saturday 14th June, the England vs Italy match had football fans in a frenzy on social media. The Three Lions (England) had social stirring on Saturday evening during their first match against Italy, with over 28,000 mentions of the team on social media. Internauts in Italy, however, were less keen to mention the match online, with neverless 19,000 mentions of their national team on Saturday.

Despite England not quite being able to attack the Italians to full force on the football field, their social media strategy proved more aggressive than Azzurri. Here’s an exclusive overview from Digimind Social of the social stats surrounding both the Italian and English teams on Saturday 14th June:

England vs Italy - Mentions
So, what exactly was social media mentioning about these two teams? Using our benchmarking function in Digimind Social, we zoomed in on which keywords got internauts talking about both teams on Saturday 14th June, check it out:

Key concepts include references to the two team names in various languages, country abbreviations “Eng” and “Ita”, team nicknames “Lions” and “Azzurri”, popular players “Steven Gerrard” and references to the “Worldcup”.

Sunday 15th June


With the World Cup now well and truly underway, it seems that it’s not just the beaches of Brazil that are hotting up! In last night’s match, the French truly turned up the temperature of the tournament, hurting Honduras with a three-nil thrashing!

In spite of the Honduran hardships, sunny social sentiments certainly weren’t in short supply for the two teams, with majority positive mentions for the pair. However, feelings for the French team proved “plus positif”  than that of the hopeful Hondurans, with “Les Bleus” securing 79% positive perspectives on matchday:

France v Honduras - HOW world cup

As for when social started speaking about the two teams, it seems that the footballing furor on social media gained steam in the 2 hours leading up to the match (18:00pm – 20:00pm GMT).

However, mention mayhem truly began at 21:00pm, just as the the second half of the match commenced…

France v Honduras - WHEN world cup

Zooming in on our social stats, Digimind Social can see exactly what causing this social excitement and we can put this peak down to two goals scored by Benzema (France) during the 43rd and 48th minutes (aka at exactly 21:00pm!). What’s more, Digimind Social groups similar mentions (see 33 similar mentions) so you don’t have to look at the same Tweet twice:

Benzema's goal - France v Honduras
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