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Hoorah! It’s the day football fans across the globe have all been waiting for: the kick off of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil!

Since the beginning of June, Digimind Social has been tuning in 24/7 to what social media has been saying about the 2014 World Cup and in this exclusive series of blogs, we give footie fanatics and social media managers alike, a definitive daily lowdown on what’s got social media buzzing in #Brazil2014

What is Digimind monitoring?

Every day during the World Cup, our social media monitoring tool – Digimind Social – will be listening out for online and social media mentions of Teams and Players.

1. Teams

For 11 days now, Digimind Social has been monitoring mentions of the 32 World Cup teams. Using our keyword lists, queries and complex Boolean operators, we were able to drill down on each team to track mentions of the team in conjunction with “World Cup” in the 5 official languages of the tournament (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German). What’s more, we have taken our analysis one step further, tracking mentions of country-specific nicknames such as “Three Lions” (England), “Les Bleus” (France) and “La Roja” (Spain), which means we never miss a thing!

Each day, we will provide you with a ranking of the top performing teams in terms of social media mentions and zoom in on the most talked-about teams to give you more detailed insights on why they’re winning the social media race in #Brazil2014 – read more below…

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2. Players

Digimind Social has been tapping into what social is say about the World Cup’s top 25 performing players to see who’s got football followers in a frenzy on social media and who is sliding in the social media stakes.

Every day, we will rank the top performing players in terms of social media mentions, to track who is fuelling the footballing social media furor and whose social status is stalling…

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World Cup Social Media Analytics

As mentioned above, Digimind will zoom in on the top ranking teams and players to present you with three types of social media analytics on a daily basis during the World Cup 2014. These are:

1. Key Concepts Cloud

Want to look at what’s trending around your nation’s team? That’s where Digimind Social’s WHAT tool comes in. The main feature of the WHAT tool, is the Smart Word Cloud, which gives you a visual overview of:

(1) Key concepts that are trending

(2) Number of mentions

(3) Audience reached by those mentions

For example, in the word cloud below, we analysed collective mentions for all 32 national teams between June 1st – June 11th:

World Cup Word Cloud (11June)
Trending keywords so far include “Copa Do Mundo” – the Portuguese for World Cup, “Fifaworldcup”, “Soccer”, “Worldcup” and “Football”, among others. Digimind Social also enables you to zoom in on a particular keyword and view the mentions associated with it.

2. Sentiment Analysis

Digimind Social’s smart listening software puts together a portfolio of what the public are liking, sharing and tweeting about the teams and players in the World Cup 2014. Digimind’s sentiment analysis tool, keeps an ear-out for all those not-so-sunny sentiments on behalf of your brand.

Here’s how we have used the sentiment analysis to track what’s being said on social media about Wayne Rooney between June 1st – June 11th:

Wayne Rooney - Sentiment analysis (june 1-11)
As you can see, sentiment surrounding the English footballing legend is majority positive (78%), with footie fans hoping for the likeable Liverpudlian to lead them to victory against Italy in their first match on Saturday 14th June.


3. Key Influencers

Digimind Social’s ‘Key Influencers’ feature allows you to monitor social media menaces in your company’s midst and measures the influence of their social media posts, giving them a ranking between 1 and 10. For our World Cup 2014 analysis, Digimind will investigate which internauts are making themselves heard and whose posts are packing a punch in #Brazil2014.

Check out which social big-shots are dominating the social sphere when it comes to collective mentions about the national football teams in the World Cup:

World Cup influencers (jun 1-11) - top 10

Digimind’s social media monitoring software, Digimind Social, will be here to keep a watchful eye over all future footballing frenzies on social media during the World Cup 2014.


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