Real time will get “realer”, buy buttons will take over, and audiovisuals will increase… and that’s just some of the upcoming trends on social for 2016. So, how can brands and organizations prepare themselves internally for fast-paced changes on the social media landscape? And what does it mean to master “digital transformation?”

With these questions in mind, our trio of social evangelists from Digimind, Hootsuite, and Zeno Group Asia took to the stage at the third edition of Socialise Singapore to share their insights on scaling social.

Here’s a quick recap of what was discussed:

As social media changes the way individuals interact with brands and organizations, there are new challenges and opportunities which companies must address. This includes leveraging digital insights, building meaningful relationships, and more.

It’s time to get on board with social.

If your company’s social media activities are limited to the occasional Facebook status update or product launch tweet, now’s the time to go all in! Social media is not just for marketing and communications; it can also be harnessed to stay up to date with your industry.

To do this, organizations should cultivate the habit of looking both inward and outward with social media, whether it’s to gauge their online reputation, keep an eye on their competitors or even to ensure employee satisfaction.

Your employees are your brand’s best advocates.

With social media becoming the “front door” of your business, it’s not about the number of fans or amount of engagement, but transforming messages into meaningful relationships by tapping into the unique social network of your employees.



After all, content shared by employees receive 8 times more engagement and 24 times more re-shares than content shared by brand channels. And if these statistics are not enough to convince you, consider this: employees of socially engaged companies are 20% more likely to stay.

Successful content aligns interest…

…Of your brand and your customers, that is! Whether it’s tapping into your customer’s emotions or provoking a response, good content should be about your customer’s experience.

It was a fruitful morning connecting with like-minded digital advocates. Thanks to all who attended #SocialiseSingapore!

Meanwhile, here’s a video to get you inspired for your next marketing campaign:

Want to optimize your content and marketing strategy with social data?

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