The season of love has graced us once again, and thanks to social media, we know what Singaporeans’ idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is.

In the week leading up to the 14th of February, we took a look at what Singaporean social media users wanted for their Valentine’s. 


Gifts led by a majority of 46%, followed by food (27%), movies (19%) and holidays (8%). Seeing as Singapore is a shopper and foodie’s paradise, we aren’t surprised!

With so much Valentine’s talk on getting the perfect gift, we wanted to see if couples still cared about the most important thing on Valentine’s Day: their partners.


Durex, a contraceptive brand, launched a contest on Instagram calling for couples to share their love story for a chance to win a day spa for two.

Here’s what turned up in the conversations surrounding the brand’s official hashtag, #OurLovePlayground on the 14th itself:


Couples took to Instagram to post photos of themselves and their loved one, along with detailed descriptions of “happy moments” with the “love of my life” in the caption.

My love of my life is my beloved wife, whom I had known since I was 11 years old when we were classmates in primary 5 of merlimau primary school. Then we had a wonderful young temporary form teacher, Ms Tan whom we kept in contact even after she was posted out and even had a yearly CNY gathering at her place. My eyes sparkled for her when we were invited to attend Ms Tan wedding on 6th Feb 2007. And I began calling her up more and we chat nightly. What impressed me most is when I casually and impromtu ask her if she is willing to accompany me to attend a friend’s birthday celebration late in the evening at Changi where we lived in Jurong West. And the next day on the 11th Feb 2007, I made my mind to date her out to vivo city for a movie , Protégé. Then vivo city was newly built and the air-conditioning facility was new and very cold, I used the usual excuse to hold her hands and never let go since then. I would like to surprise her with the gifts to thank her for being such a wonderful Wife/Mother and also happy 10th dating anniversary~ 😍😍 @durexsingapore #OurLovePlayground #durexsg

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It’s worth noting that mentions spiked at 12 noon – an ideal time for social media users to take a break from work and share their love story!






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