The social media realm revelled in the release of Season 4 of Game of Thrones but instead of sending a raven, fantasy fanatics chose another little birdy – Twitter –  to spread the #GOTseason4 gossip… As usual, Digimind’s social media monitoring tool has been listening in to what’s been buzzing in the blue corner.


When did Twitter take off?

Not only has Digimind Social has been tuning in to where Game of Thrones gossip is happening, but when and has found that Twitter talk takes off, almost routinely, one day after each episode premiere. Thanks to Digimind’s social media listening tool, you only need to look at the social trend tracker to view this delayed Twitter reaction in action:

As Digimind’s Trend graph shows, on the day following the launches of episodes 1, 2 and 3 (marked with the Game of Thrones golden crown) mentions noticeably peak. The Season 4 premiere on April 6th generated the biggest buzz yet, with more than twice the mentions on April 7th than the average since Season 4 began. The Purple Wedding (Episode 2) also witnessed a substantial upturn in tweets, with around 50% more Game of Thrones geeks shouting of their shock on Twitter, than the season average. Due to the relative lack of action in Episode 3: Season 4, Twitter turbulence had somewhat subsided, as had mentions of the series.

tweeting on #gameofthrones

Mention mayhem in the Twittersphere

We know what you’re thinking: big deal, incessant tweeting is to be expected the day after an episode premiere! However, what if we told you, Digimind’s social media listening tool has the capacity to document the exact hour each day when Game of Thrones enthusiasts were taking to the twittersphere. We have put together the following graph which tracked the incoming influx of twitter mentions, the day after the Season 4 premiere (Two Swords) was released:

tweetin game of thrones premiere v4

 As the graph above shows, tweeting increases closer to the time of the premiere at 9pm GMT on Sunday 6th April. What is more, tweets peak significantly on April 7th, with fantasy followers almost constantly commenting on the Episode an entire 24 hours after its release.

Tweet Reach

Interestingly, despite this mention mayhem on Twitter over the course of the series so far, the potential audience acquired from the social network is not a patch on that of News channels. Using Digimind’s Media Breakdown tool, we analysed the Potential Audience reached from Tweets about Game of Thrones in April (1st – 23rd). Despite 92% of mentions about the social saga coming from Twitter, tweets only reached an audience of 273 million internauts (13%), whilst News articles drummed up an audience of 745 million (36%):

Social media monitoring - Game of Thrones on Twitter

If you liked these insights and want to find out what the future holds for Twitter trends in upcoming Game of Thrones episodes, keep an eye on the Digimind Insights blog.

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