6 min read best-practices-PR
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jul 27, 2016

Best Practices for using Social Listening for PR

The PR industry is changing, and necessarily so. Gone are the days when PR consisted of sending out a press release to print papers, checking publications, cutting relevant mentions and sending timely responses thanking for...
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10 min read twitter-7
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jul 5, 2016

20 Must-follow Twitter Accounts in Communications

[Tweet "“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. – Epictetus”"] With Twitter rapidly growing amongst specialist marketer communities, setting your radar in the right direction is...
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5 min read online-reputation-1
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jun 23, 2016

Social Media: 2. 10 types of online reputation dashboards for your boss

After having seen in our previous post the rules for developing your Social Media dashboard according to the needs of your internal customers, we will look at different types of useful dashboards to manage your brand reputation
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9 min read loving-hating-the-new-instagram-logo
Kyle Martinowich | Brands - May 26, 2016

Instagram : Why online users are loving hating the new logos

Early this May there was a radical change for the "young" social network's strong growth and its fans: the Instagram logo design unchanged since its creation in 2010, was updated, making way for a more sleek and colorful...
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2 min read fashion_OOTD-2
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Feb 12, 2016

Which Fashion Brands Dominated the #OOTD Game on Social Media this CNY?

This week, the Lunar New Year graced our calendars and social media was abuzz with festivities.
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