3 min read measuring-reach
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Oct 27, 2016

5 questions to ask when measuring your reach on social

Reach is one of the key metrics for measuring your social media ROI. After all, the purpose of launching campaigns and sharing content on social is to increase the reach of your brand - in other words, to get those so-called...
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3 min read kpi
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 31, 2016

The essential KPIs for your Social Media ROI: 3. How to create social media KPI dashboards

#Dashboard #KPI #SocialMedia
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2 min read pharmacovigilance
Jerome Maisch | Healthcare - Mar 17, 2016

#Pharmacovigilance: 4 Reasons why we should be listening to Social Media

In our modern society, each new day can be unrecognizable from the last. Technological advancements come and go so frequently that we often miss trends that are right in front of us; the health and pharmaceutical industry is...
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2 min read search social
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jul 20, 2015

Social Media as Your Most Important Market Research Tool

Instead of scrolling through your followers’ comments or searching Twitter for relevant tweets, you can utilize social media listening tools for efficient market research on what is being said about you or your competitors....
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