Lying at the crossroads of marketing, customer support and social media, the core responsibilities of the Community Manager are often a little blurred. What is more, any ambiguity with regards to daily tasks, can lead to a real lack of weekly structure and focus, thus affecting productivity and the overall effectiveness of social media campaigns.

In this infographic, designed specifically for the Community Manager interested in shaking up their weekly social media strategy; we show you how Digimind Social can support and optimise your daily and weekly tasks by: Listening, Analysing, Engaging and Reporting. 

A week in the life of a...COMMUNITY MANAGER FINAL FINAL

Liked this infographic? Why not take a look at our free eBook: A Week in the Life of a Successful Community Manager, which delves further into how you can become social media savvy with a little help from Digimind Social:

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Jerome Maisch

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