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Austin Williams - Mar 3, 2017

SMW Buzz: Nostalgia for the Win

There were lots of fascinating and insightful presentations given on day three of Social Media Week, and there are sure to be lots more today as the week comes to a close. But everyone can’t be everywhere. So, for those who missed out, here’s a recap of the most interesting presentation of the day:

On day three of Social Media Week, attendees were taken back in time. The title alone of VaynerMedia's presentation is what first caught our eyeHitting a Marketing Home Run by Tapping into America's Nostalgia.

To a marketer, when you hear the word "nostalgia," your ears probably perk up as you start think of the phenomenon that is the very bankable obsession millennials have with their own childhoods. But in their Budweiser ad that premiered during the 2016 World Series, Vayner traveled decades back to the childhood memories of most millennials' parents and grandparents.


Stringing together old Harry Caray clips, Vayner and Budweiser imagined what it would have been like if the legendary broadcaster, who died in 1998, had called the final out of the World Series that ultimately ended the Chicago Cubs' 108 year championship drought.

It was a brilliant idea, and according to Chris Bradley, VP and Group Creative Director at VaynerMedia, it was an organic idea—much like nostalgia itself.

Speaking to the thought of a nostalgic World Series spot, Bradley explained "it was an authentic opportunity for us to not just tag along, but to become apart of it. That's the important piece. It's not just taking advantage of a moment, but becoming a part of it. We easily became a part of this moment not only because we have a deep history with sports, but also because we have a deep history with Harry. Harry was a Bud guy from way back in the day."

Adding context to such an organic commercial, Monica Rustgi, Senior Brand Director at Budweiser noted "the coolest part of this idea was that it came to us over a beer. VaynerMedia and Budweiser, we were talking about the potential moment for two underdogs [the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians] to see a win they hadn't seen in decades. We were just talking like fans. It sparked a lightbulb—we should do something about this. Something we can celebrate."

With this incredibly moving ad that somehow managed to be both wishful and reminiscent at the same time, Budweiser drove 31+ million views, 625+ media placements, and 325+ million media impressions.

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