With rapid changes in the digital sphere, market research and innovation have become even more important in creating a winning business strategy. Digimind Singapore was proud to come on board as Knowledge Partner for Research Asia Interactive 2015, which took place on 12 June at the Four Seasons Hotel.

(credit: Marketing Magazine)

The event was a perfect opportunity to connect with over 60 digital marketers and strategists. Our Digiminders Stephen Dale and Olivier Girard were there to impart their insights on unpacking social media intelligence to serve business needs.

(credit: Marketing Magazine)

We were also excited to share our Digimind Social tool to show how seamless analysing and benchmarking multiple social accounts can be.

1(credit: Marketing Magazine)

Key discussions centered around managing research design and decoding consumer behaviour, according to our analysis on Digimind Social. Social data, and how to listen selectively and effectively to it was also explored.

Key Concepts


Not surprisingly, 98% of #ResearchInteractive15 related conversations happened on Twitter, as delegates took to the social networking service to share their thoughts throughout the day. It also looks like people were most active in the morning – a whopping 1/4 of total mentions! Was it the coffee?

Media Breakdown



Along with Marketing Magazine, industry experts like Sakshi Prakash and Anna Rokina (both from Lenovo) wielded the highest amount of influence at the event. Digimind also participated actively and made it to Research Interactive’s top influencers!
Influencer Network


All in all, it was a fruitful day of networking and discussion at Research Asia Interactive 2015. Many thanks to the organizers and everyone we had the pleasure to meet. See you next year!

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