We’ve been working hard here at Digimind this fall, and are extremely excited to announce the global release of Digimind Social today!

In honor of Digimind Social, we were curious what the tool would tell us around the reliance on some of our tried and true media sources. So we ran some queries and examined the volume of discussion online around old (@Nytimes, @WSJ, @Usatoday) and new media (@Buzzfeed, @Mashable, @HuffPost). To help visualize this data, we developed an Infographic that captures the results – while our love for social platforms may be strong, we still rely heavily on media stalwarts, and the numbers back this up.

Take a look below to see what publication came out on top and the interesting ways the US Government Shutdown is being talked about on two of the most popular sources, The New York Times and Buzzfeed.

Finally, why tackle social? When we created Digimind 15 years ago, we were filling a hole in the market around competitive intelligence. Over the years, as we’ve worked with our clients on the CI side, we saw a new need develop – a need for competitive social monitoring. That’s why we created Digimind Social. We’ve combined social and search behavior monitoring, reporting, engagement, and data analysis into a one-stop-shop.  We’re very proud of the result, and we hope you like it too!


old versus new media

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