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Jerome Maisch - Nov 17, 2016

All the Insights from November's #SocializeNYC

Socialize NYC is a part of a global networking series focused on bringing together like-minded social media and digital marketing professionals. The events around the world take place in swanky locations to appeal to a trending industry of professionals that know how to create buzz and the November 10th, 2016, Socialize NYC was a crowd pleaser.

Social Media Strategists and Digital Marketers from top brands and agencies were in attendance including IBM, Yahoo, New York Magazine, Bonobos, McKinsey & Company, Merck, Kroll, Fleishman Hillard, Time Inc, Sirius XM, Def Jam, PwC, Univision, and many, many more! The event was a crowd pleaser with sponsors AdweekMichel et AugustinSixPoint Brewery, Good Pop and This is Stolen Rum.

Guests witnessed a compelling talk around social featuring Mashable’s Chief Data Scientist, Haile Owusu. Owusu kept a crowd of 100+ attendees intrigued on the future of social with the propensity of the company’s proprietary software- Velocity- to predict the virality of social media. While Facebook's accuracy of predicting content virality is 79.5%, Velocity reaches a 95% accuracy after 1 day across all content. And with stats like this, the crowd was not short of questions following this talk.

As content was once traversed through a single line conduit- from sender to receiver, it can now diffuse across several platforms and reach thousands and up to millions of people over the course of 24-hours. As marketers and digital strategists alike try to create the content that will arouse engagement from top audiences, Mashable, creates the top strategy of all- an algorithmic formula that predicts the virality of their content before they even send it. Ground-breaking. As Haile concluded his presentation, he left attendees with these 3- points before the parade of questions came pouring in:

  • When creating content, distribute it over a range of influence
  • Understand all distribution channels and how audience targeting affects your ability to 'hit' different levels of influence
  • Experiment in real time!

Check out a recap of the event with our video below and feel free to browse the #Socialize gallery. Thank you to all of our amazing guests and we hope to see you at the next session of Socialize! 

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Written by Jerome Maisch

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