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Austin Williams - Jun 27, 2017

Influencing the Customer Journey with Social | Corporate Social Media Summit June 2017

On Thursday, June 15th, Digimind had the pleasure of participating as a gold sponsor at the annual Corporate Social Media Summit in New York City.

Held at the Brooklyn Bridge New York Marriott, we enjoyed a great deal of informative talks and presentations. For us, the most fascinating presentation was given on the very first day of the conference.

Experience is Everything - Social Media and Your Customer’s Journey definitely stole the show at CSMS. The panel presentation was hosted by Drew Neisser of Renegade and featured panelists Kaydee Bridges of Goldman Sachs, Kevin Hack of The Hershey Company, William Barett of BNY Mellon.

Here are our key takeaways:

1. Social Listening is Key

Of course, this point resonated with us the most. Bridges, Sachs, Hack, Barett, and Neisser all preached to the choir here.

To effectively engage with consumers, a brand has to have a solid social listening strategy. That includes [insert previous blog posts here].

2. Quality Over Quantity

If you take a look at Digimind’s official Twitter account, you’ll see that, while active, we’re also considerate of our followers’ timelines. And if you’re a fan of this blog, you’ll notice that we post a healthy 2-3 times a week, as opposed to every day. We’re not being shy with this—we’re being strategic. And that strategy was expounded upon in this presentation.

The speakers explained that engagement is crucial when it comes to posting on social media. Posting fewer, stronger pieces that your followers can really dig into is more effective than posting low quality content. If you post too much, after a while, consumers will realize your content is watered down for volume, and engagement on your posts will drop.

3. Amplification Matters:

In an age of transparent practices and savvy consumers, the general public detests the idea of paid-for posts—but they still see them, click on them, and engage with them, so do not stop using them.

If you’re paying to create a focused piece of content, you should also be paying to promote it to the right audience, as well as pitching it for media coverage. Don’t be too cool for school on this one. You’ll reap the rewards later on.

Be sure to stay tuned to our newly designed blog for best practices to build an insight-driven business using social data.


Written by Austin Williams

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