It’s that time of year, folks!  With 2 days to go, the air is chilled, fridges are full, and shopping malls are brimming with discounts, cat fights, and peppermint mochas.  It’s a busy time on social media, as users ponder the perfect gifts, tune into their favorite jingles, and spread that digital Holiday cheer.  Lets take a look at what social has to say about the most wonderful time of year.

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A word cloud summing up Christmas conversations shows that “Merry Christmas” (6615), “Chistmas Shopping” (2473), and “Family” (2207) were most frequently mentioned on social media in the last 30 days.  “Happy” and “Christmas Eve” were also common buzzwords this month.  Users are clearly excited and cheery as they prep for the upcoming festivities.


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A media breakdown by mentions (left)  indicates that 68% of Christmas conversations are happening on Twitter, with 239,344 mentions. Facebook comprises  16% of the conversation, with 55,858 mentions.  Switching over to a breakdown by potential audience (right), we can see that Facebook now comprises 70% of the buzz, with a potential reach of approximately 3.97 million.  It comes as no surprise that Facebook has been the platform of choice for marketers during the holiday season due to this valuable potential reach. Communications become more challenging and expensive during the holidays, with marketers boosting budgets and vying for the attention of consumers.  This is when the potential audience metric becomes very useful, while calcualting the effectiveness of a publication.  In this breakdown, Twitter comprises 12% of the conversation, as not all mentions are treated equally.




The verdict is in: Social media loves the holidays!  Sentiment is overwhelmingly positive at 86%.  Here are some Twitter highlights:






Happy Holidays from Digimind!

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