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Now that Game of Thrones Season 4 is well and truly underway, here at Digimind, we take a look at who’s HOT and who’s NOT in Westeros! Using our global social media monitoring tool, Digimind Social, we have been tuning-in 24/7 to what Twitter is saying about the well-loved warriors of Westeros!

Luckily for you, Digimind’s social media thermometer is on hand, to tell you which hero’s social status has reached boiling point (fire) and whose is frankly freezing over (ice)! What’s more, we provide you with up-to-the-minute analytics on which character has fantasy fans hot under the collar and whose sex appeal is suffering more than Theon Greyjoy…


       THE GUYS                      THE GIRLS

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Tyrion Lannister Tyrion Lannister: he may be petite, but he packs one hell of a punch on the big-screen… which is why he’s topping Digimind’s Game of Thrones HOT list! According to Digimind Social, the pint-sized powerhouse and his way with words, has won Tyrion the title of most-loved Lannister of Season 4! In fact, Tyrion’s witty ways and impressive intellect in recent episodes, have seen Twitter mentions of the word “Tyrion” combined with “love” hit the roof. Some may say the little legend is the epitome of lovable rogue… Believe it or not, out of all the male characters in the saucy saga, Tyrion is topping the Twitter tables in terms of sex-appeal….and who said smart isn’t sexy?! Joffrey Baratheon Hot on Tyrion’s heels, is the character we love to hate and hate to love: Joffrey Baratheon. Despite his age, this conniving little King captured the hearts of internauts across the web…So, what exactly did we love when it came to the illegitimate “Lannister”? His sociopathic style of rule? His painful, purple parting? In fact, according to our social stats, it was the teen tirant’s looks that had us hooked: the words “hot” and “Joffrey” appeared together more than any other male star in the series! Jon Snow Jon Snow may “know nothing”, but Game of Thrones groupies know one thing for sure – he’s hot! According to Digimind’s social media analytics tool, Jon Snow secured the second “hot”-spot, but when it comes to “love”, he’s lagging well behind… social media warmer


Jaime Lannister Jaime Lannister’s popularity has plummeted in recent weeks, especially when it comes to Twitter referring to the clean-cut Kingslayer as “hot” or “sexy”. Here at Digimind, we suspect it has something to do with the repulsive rape of his sister, Cersei, in Episode 6, Season 4…on their illegitimate son’s tomb. The incestual love birds have had their fair share of ups and downs, but right now it seems the good-looking Lannister is in a social slump from which he can’t recover… social media cold


Tywin Lannister, Lord Baelish (Littlefinger) Although Lord Baelish may woo the women in Westeros, his sex-appeal – much like Tywin Lannister’s – is stalling on social media, in Season 4. According to Digimind’s Twitter intelligence, these sly silver foxes are seriously stalling in the “sexy” department and when it comes to “hot”…well, they’re really not! According to Digimind Social, these two are about as “hot” as a White Walker and that’s pretty darn cold… Theon Greyjoy Sadly for Theon, the “tortured-soul” look doesn’t scream “hot” for GOT groupies on Twitter. What’s more, with a name like “Reek”, the poor guy really doesn’t have much going for him, hence the lack of mentions of “Theon” with “love”, “hot” or “sexy”. Digimind Social is keeping it’s social listening ears perked for positive mentions, but it’s not looking promising… Samwell Tarly With his cowardliness, clumsy countenance and cringeworthy combat skills, poor old Samwell doesn’t exactly scream “sexy” (or “hot” according to Digimind Social). Although, seeing his sensitive side, made us realise that this “loveable” lummox’ heart is in the right place…he’s definitely one to watch in Westeros! Stannis Baratheon It seems this man-with-a-plan is very much a one woman man. According to our social stats, Melisandre really is the only woman with eyes for Stannis, with a big fat zero mentions of the words “Stannis” and “love”, “hot” or “sexy” on Twitter. We suspect if Stannis spent a little less time obsessing over the Lord of Light, he would win a few more tweet-hearts…

THE GIRLS: Game of Thrones Thermometer Girls




The women of Westeros are a beautiful bunch and when it comes to social media, Khaleesi’s curls aren’t the only thing making waves in Westeros… Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen) Topping Digimind’s hot list for the ladies is – you guessed it – the Mother of Dragons herself: Khaleesi. It seems this ‘Breaker of Chains’ has become quite the “heartbreaker” over the course of Season 4, according to our social media statistics. Digimind Social says this feisty female, has captured the hearts of internauts internationally, with thousands of fans keen to call Khaleesi their tweet-heart. In fact, the words “Khaleesi” and “love” were tweeted together more than any other character. What’s more, according to Digimind’s social media analytics, the talked-about Targaryen is the “hottest” heroine and the “sexiest” star in the Seven Kingdoms – take that, Tyrion! Brienne of Tarth HOT on Dany’s (scaly) tail is…Brienne of Tarth. This bold blonde is well-loved in Westeros, with “love” for “Brienne” sending Twitter into a total tumult. Unfortunately, “sexy” and “hot” weren’t words associated with this boisterous beauty on Twitter… Arya Stark When it comes to “hot”, Arya is a “not”, but when it comes to “love”, she’s soaring in the social stakes! This intrepid Stark, is winning the hearts of the social media (Twitter) masses with her feisty fearlessness and smart streak. social media warmer


Cersei Lannister Cersei may be as cold as ice but it seems Twitter fans feel otherwise! She’s no Mother of Dragons, but according to Digimind Social, Twitter’s temperature is rising when it comes to sharp-tongued Cersei, with fans frequently mentioning Shae This mischievous minx may have been Tyrion’s sweetheart, but after her chilling performance in Episode 6, she’s certainly lost herself a few tweet hearts. Slowly slipping down our social media thermometer, Shae’s gone from “hot” babe to no way! Olenna Redwyne This matriarch may not be making the masses “hot” under the collar, but social seems to have a soft spot for this Queen of Thorns, with “love” and “Olenna” often appearing together on Twitter! Despite not exactly your stereotypical Series 4 pin up, Olenna Redwyne is winning the hearts of fantasy fans due to her quick-witted ways and sharp tongue. Sansa Stark Sansa Stark is somewhat lagging in the “sexy” department but at least she’s acting her age – take note, Miley! When is comes to “hot” however, it seems Sansa’s fiery locks are fuelling veritable social media furor – you go girl! social media cold


Margaery Tyrell This tactful Tyrell certainly knows how to climb the ranks of Westeros, but how does she fare on the social media ladder? When mischievous Margaery first came on the scene, sporting a daring dress, slashed to the navel, there was no question about it: she meant business. She may be nailing it in the style stakes, but this would-be Queen of Westeros doesn’t have half the charm of her Grandmother…in fact, internauts “love” her half as much! Ygritte It seems this fiery redhead has been chilling (quite literally) a little too much with Jon “Snow”, as, according to Digimind, her “hot” factor has taken a hit. Just in front of Melisandre in the icy stakes, this Wilding isn’t winning when it comes to wooing social media! Melisandre Melisandre may be the Red Priestess, but she’s anything but red “hot”, according to Digimind Social! This lover of the Lord of Light may be slightly “sexy” and a little “loved” by tweeters but she’s icy cold in comparison to the other women of Westeros…

So, there you have it – your definitive guide to which Game of Thrones heroes have hearts racing, social media swooning and fantasy followers hot under the collar!

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