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Graeme Anderson - Nov 17, 2017

Peeking Into the Future of Digital Marketing at Digital Marketing World Forum 2017

On November 7-8, Digimind had the pleasure of joining #DMWF Conference and Expo North America in New York City as a silver sponsor.

Our own US Marketing Director, Christine Carzo, participated in a panel discussing how digital insights are changing the way brands identify, analyze, and engage with consumers. Joined by an array of marketing superstars, including Max Nevins, VP of Marketing at Sixpoint Brewery, Lee Somerhalder, Digital Marketing Manager at Triumph Motorcycles, and Luca Boschin, CEO of LogoGrab, the group delved into the idea of customer centricity and how marketing strategies are shifting from product-first to customer-first, and that their biggest window into the real opinions of their customers are found online.

This window into the mind of your target customer can be daunting. With social media, web forums, Google searches, and other online sources, brands are often tasked with compiling millions of data points to analyze. However, all panelists agreed that the key here is to focus on the insights derived from the data - not the data itself.

The other concept that was prevalent during this panel was omnichannel marketing. Most panelist believe it is an absolute requirement when trying to reach younger demographics, as they want to move fluidly across channels with the brands they engage with throughout their day.

Beyond the idea of customer centricity, it was clear from the start that the stars of the show were artificial intelligence and influencer marketing. Taking most of the sessions and panels by storm, every marketing professional seemed to be eager to discuss how to incorporate technologies such as AI and machine learning into their strategies. The main point honed in throughout the conference was AI is going to be become the new normal in marketing and can help brands get more from their data without more effort.

As for influencer marketing, a number of sessions addressed how to identify the right influencers for a brand and how to use them to expand your reach or increase content creation across numerous digital channels.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Digimind blog as we take deep dives into topics such as AI and influencer marketing on a regular basis. Use social media monitoring to unlock your customer's opinion with this free template.

Written by Graeme Anderson