It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re down to our last 2 definitions. Today, Digimind’s CEO, Paul Vivant, defines “Strategic Intelligence”. 

🎈 What is “Strategic Intelligence”? 

Strategic intelligence is a decision-making tool for the management of companies and organisations. It covers the phases of framing, gathering information, analysing, sharing and collaborating and disseminating information. Involving iterative processes and a strong collaboration between watchmen and experts, it must rely on community animation and a precise administration of watch projects. Note that the tools of visualisation are more and more present to facilitate the analysis of the data coming from the watch.

The strategic intelligence gathers different types of watch (competitive intelligence, the most current, product watch, technological watch, suppliers watch, legal watch …).

We talk about strategic intelligence when it focuses on strategic analysis to define the 2- to 10-year orientations for the Codir / Comex; As opposed to tactical intelligence, which on the contrary describes a monitoring device feeding information to the operational staff of the company, “people in the field”.

🔎 Strategic intelligence in practice

Competitive intelligence is often one of the major thrusts of strategic intelligence. Some analysis of data, put into perspective and commented by different business experts will be valuable for strategic decision-making.

Thus, one of our customers in the electronics sector has collected thousands of job offers from a competitor, for several countries. Using an automatically generated comparison matrix, he analysed them by type of profile and country and noted, for example, that many engineering profiles were recruited in Mexico. After a human analysis of the community of watchmen, the Codir was alerted of the strong probability of an increase in the development of production in this country on a new product linked to electromagnetic fields. The Codir then decided to prioritise the final development of competing products.

1 more day to go! We can’t wait to unveil our last definition for you. Stay tuned.


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