We’re one more day from Friday! Hang on tight, the weekend’s just around the corner.  Today, we’re keeping it light, with LinkedIn Elevate Account Director, Clement Boehm defining what the world of Social Media means for marketers. 

🎈 What is “Social Media”? 

Social media refers to the world of conversational web, where Internet users exchange opinions, rate experiences, and even share emotions.

🔎 The power of social media 

Social media has transformed the economy, as well as the way we communicate. For marketers, this means unique opportunities for brands to interact with customers, suppliers, candidates, investors and industry in real time.

Marketers can also harness social media to adapt their ads, break down trends and thus manage things like customer’s journey, lead generation, and sales.

🔎 The impact of social media

A vivid example of the far-reaching impact of social media can be seen during the Arab Spring, in which it played an important role in organizing protests.

The 2016 US elections is another example of how the presidential candidates mobilized social media platforms to support their campaigns.

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