We are halfway through our Digital Marketing Advent Calendar! As we countdown to 2017, we look back on the upcoming trends in marketing: what to expect, and how to leverage new changes in digital to make better business decisions. Today, Digimind’s CMO Charlotte Desrosiers answers our questions on one of the most powerful tools a marketer can have: “Insight Driven Marketing”. 

🎈 Defining “Insight Driven Marketing” 

Insight driven marketing aims to respond effectively to the new demands of decision-makers, as part of their digital transformation. With powerful updates in social media listening technology, such as analysis and artificial intelligence, coupled with the growing expertise of analysts, data has finally become meaningful, intelligible, and actionable. Marketing departments can use these insights to predict, build, refine, and evaluate their tactics and long-term strategies.

🔎 What are the 4 key advantages of it?  

The basis of marketing is understanding customers. And to understand them, we have to listen to them.

With insight driven marketing, brands can leap ahead of the competition by:

  • Predict upcoming trends, based on subtle signals from online conversations: Marketers can discover their customers’ unspoken dreams, their competitors’ strategies, and adapt their products and service from these insights.
  • Build their content marketing strategy by segmenting their audiences and refining communication methods for each group.
  • Pilot and refine their efforts in real-time: Marketers can analyse the impact of online and offline campaigns in real-time, detect influencers to active or optimize them, or even detect business opportunities and leverage them via social selling.
  • Evaluate their performance to achieve their goals: What better way to benchmark against one’s competitors, by comparing their own operations against another?

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