TGIF! You’ve made it through the last week before Christmas. But before we break out the egg nog, Digimind’s Associate Director, Yann Guilann, has a few titbits to share about “Data Visualisation”: 

🎈 What is “Data Visualisation”?

Data visualisation (or “dataviz”) refers to the process of visual representation of data.
This one acts as a “revealer of complexity” hidden sometimes in millions of “data”. The image, by its very nature, makes it possible to organise knowledge and to retain the essential: an “image is worth a thousand words”, reminds us of the old adage.

🔎 Let’s get more specific 

The encounter of several factors has allowed an explosion of data visualisation practices over the last ten years: facilitated access to data first (Internet, social networks, open data …), democratised data processing technologies (personal computers , graphics cards and software, dedicated software solutions …), and finally, the thirst for shared knowledge in the era of the Information Society and the advent of Big Data.

Today, data visualisation is an integral part of data intelligence for digital marketing: visualisation of targeted communities, analysis of emerging themes, consumer perceptions of a product, a brand or a campaign.

And we are only at the beginning! At Digimind for example, we make our neurons work daily to provide you with more and more data visualisation to evaluate your key criteria of digital marketing performance in a snap! Open your eyes!


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