This Tuesday, McDonalds’ Global Social Campaign and Advocacy Manager, Elly Deutsch defines “Brand Advocacy” for us – why it matters, as well as a couple of success stories. 

🎈 Defining “Brand Advocacy” in the social media age

Social Media has rewritten how we define Brand Advocacy. In this day and age, online word-of-mouth marketing has become the best resource for us to build trust and loyalty with customers, fans, and influencers.  

Brand advocacy can mean many things, but the most important of them all is how you create and foster relationships with your customers in order for them to speak favourably about your brand.

🔎 Two great examples of brand advocacy 

Starbucks’ “Snap it Forward” activation on Snapchat encouraged loyal brand advocates to share a complimentary drink with a friend, family member, or even the next person in line.

Coca-Cola’s JourneyxJourney campaign followers selected brand advocates around America in search of the best food, events, and experiences to help drive awareness for their brand, as well as encourage fans to share memories from their own road trips.

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