As Week 2 of World Cup fever draws to a close, here at Digimind, we weigh in on which of the World Cup’s popular players have been stirring up a social media storm in #Brazil2014.

Here’s what’s been buzzing in the social sphere this week, according to our social media monitoring tool, Digimind Social:

1. #Suarezing [URU vs ITA]

The twitter hashtag #Suarezing took to our screens on Tuesday 24th June, during the Uruguay vs Italy match, when Luis Suarez quite literally bit off more than he could chew…of his Italian opponent, Giorgio Chiellini! The Uruguayan striker, who has a history of “hunger” during matches, appeared to sink his teeth into Italian defender, Chiellini, in the 80th minute of the match, when both players collided in the penalty area:

Luis Suarez bite
Using Digimind’s social media listening tool, we zoomed in on what social was saying about Suarez since that biting incident…

Key Concepts:

As expected, a social media frenzy ensued, with internauts frequently mentioning “biting”, “bite” and coining the hashtag #Suarezing, to both humour and humiliate the footballer’s feeding frenzy:

Social Media Sentiment:

Social sentiment wasn’t so sunny about Suarez following the big bite of Brazil… In fact, 40% of all mentions about the soccer star were negative and reached an audience of 212 million online viewers!

World Cup 2014 Players-how (1)

Top Twitter Mentions:

Big brands, too, were champing at the bit, to capitalise on the #Suarezing trend…check out some of the top tweets we found using the Digimind Social Mentions feature:

suarez tweet 1

suarez tweet 3

suarez tweet 2

2. Noboa’s Net [ECU vs FRA]

The World Cup football wasn’t the only thing “in the back of the net” last night in the Ecuador vs France game in Rio. Much to social media’s surprise, Ecuador midfielder, Cristhian Noboa, was too seen to sport a hardly “height-of-fashion” hair net during the match.

Noboa hair net tweet
Following a head-on collision with feisty French midfielder, Blaise Matuidi, Noboa suffered a nasty gash on his head. To stem the bleeding, medics hooked him up with some rather interesting headgear. Here’s how social media reacted:

World Cup 2014 - Christian Noboa

Noboa tweet 4
Noboa tweet 5
Having said this, Noboa wasn’t the only one to get stuck in a net during this year’s World Cup… In case you’re wondering, yes, that is England goalie, Joe Hart, wrestling with the goal:

Joe Hart stuck in goal

3. Fred’s Facial Hair [BRA vs CAM]

Frederico Guedes, better known as Fred, a Brazilian striker, has been hitting headlines on social media this week.

Why? Three words: funky facial hair.

fred facial hair
The footie star’s facial fuzz has been causing quite a buzz on social media, with many internauts likening him to Freddie Mercury, the Queen frontman…

World Cup 2014 - Fred moustache wordcloud

What do you think? Is Fred the footballing equivalent to the King of Rock Freddie Mercury or is his facial fluff a #fail?


Your SMM Roundup

As social media of late has proven, we just can’t resist sinking our teeth into the most buzzed about moments of the World Cup.

Stay tuned on Digimind Insights for the Week 3 World Cup social media news or schedule a demo with our social media experts today!

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