#SMSsummit gathered top brand influencers from the likes of Intel, Daily Mail, Presidio, and NBC Sports to talk about the hot topic of Social Media. The event had everyone buzzing; with live video, content marketing, and cross-brand strategies among some topping the list. There were also great insights into various topics from Leveraging Content Volume and Velocity to Create High-Performance Campaigns, to Converting Traffic to Revenue and Social Media Marketing in a Real-Time Sports World, amongst countless new tips and strategies leaving our brains full of new things to share and use.

Over the event from June 1-3, Digimind  monitored the conversation, to discover the top influencers, hot topics and to see what was being said in real-time. With the data capturing the conference conversations around #SMSsummit 2016 top trends, key topics, top social network buzz and sentiment analysis – what did social media really have to say?

What were the hot topics on everyone’s lips?


Video’ took the top spot in the discussion race, with keywords such as ‘Socialmedia’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Livestream’  just trailing behind. It’s perhaps not surprising with live streaming and video sending thoughts flying, with discussions surrounding Jeff Gibbard and John Venner’s ‘Social Video: from Idea to Launch’, Derek Hubbard’s  ‘Selling Your Brand Live: In-The-Moment Marketing With Live Streaming’, and Friday’s session: ‘How Brands Can Benefit From Branded Video’ hosted by Pete Borum and Jude Manlulu.  ‘Brand’, the ‘Network Facebook’ and ‘Influencers’ also proved to be hot topics of conversation.

Check out some of the online video discussion:


So with all this buzz, who were the top influencers?


#SocialMediaQueen took the top spot, closely followed by Julia Schrenkler and Christopher Rizzo with their explosive Twitter reporting during the event: interacting with other influencers and tapping into some storytelling skills with #SMSsummitLoveStory made sure these guys stayed at the top. Nevertheless, other speakers brought insightful and inspiring information to the social table, with some tweets stealing the limelight.

The share of voice was spread evenly over the course of the event thanks to the speakers extensive use of Social Media; sharing quotes, pictures, insights and live streams on their individual accounts. These guys aren’t called Social Media influencers for nothing.


When did the conversation peak?


With around 2,000 mentions over the 3 day event period, it’s clear #SMSsummit caused quite the stir on social. June 2, the second conference day received the most amount of mentions at around 800 over the course of the day.

It’s clear that everyone seemed to have a great time; with around 2,000 #SMSsummit mentions from June 01 – 03, Social Media Strategies Summit 2016 proved to be a social media success.

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