Social Media Marketing World brought together key influencers to talk about our favorite subject; Social Media. The event had everyone buzzing, debating hot topics such as live video and, of course, snapchat and its potential to really infiltrate the world of business. There were also great insights into, for example, how to use social media to improve your customer service, amongst countless new tips and strategies leaving our minds swollen with knowledge ready to implement.

SMMW16 took place from 17 – 19 April in San Diego and provided a unique opportunity to rub noses with our Social Media heros such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Jay Baer, Michael Schaefer, Kim Garst and others. With all the excitement, Digimind monitored the online and social activity to see what was really being said in the social sphere.

The data captured conversations coming from the conference, #smmw16 top trends, major influencer insights and mentions, keywords, top social networks, sentiment analysis, and all other crucial data on the web.

What were people talking about?

Key concepts #SMMW16

It’s not surprising that Social Media Marketing and Social Media took the top spots in the discussion race on social media itself; it was the focus of the event afterall. Video, Twitter and Snapchat also proved to be hot topics of conversation. Live video was at the forefront of everyone’s mind, discussions particularly surrounding Kim Garst’s ‘Everything You Need to Know to get started on Periscope’, and Tuesdays Key Note: ‘Live Video: Why the Future of Marketing is Going Live’ hosted by Joel Comm with Mari Smith, Shaan Puri and Kim Garst.

Still going strong for 2016, Snapchat was also up on the top mentions following key talks; ‘Snapchat Marketing: How Businesses are Connecting With Millennials: A Panel Discussion’ by Carlos Gil with Joel Price, Shaun Ayala, Shaun McBride and Callan Green and ‘Snapchat Fundamentals: How to Get Started on Snapchat for Business’  By Carlos Gil.

 Snapchat mention #SMMW16

Snapchat mention #SMMW16

Snapchat mention #SMMW16

We also checked out some of the top mentions from the attendees, showing the beauty of social media giving those who weren’t at the event the key insights from the talks.

Positive mention 2 #SMMW16

Positive mention 1 #SMMW16


Capture d’écran 2016-04-26 à 15.21.42

Who were people talking about?

Top speakers #SMMW16

With all our favourite influencers under one roof we monitored which speakers were causing a stir. Evident from the listening, it is clear to see that whilst Gary Vaynerchuck had the highest number of mentions out of the top 10 speakers, Mark Schaefer came a close second with everyone else following closely behind. The share of voice was spread evenly over the course of the event thanks to the speakers extensive use of Social Media; sharing quotes, pictures, insights and more on their respective channels. These guys aren’t called Social Media influencers for nothing.

Gary Vaynerchuk #SMMW16

Ann Handley #SMMW16

Who was speaking the loudest?

Top Influencers #SMMW16

Following SocialMedia Examiner, Brian Fanzo was the top influencer on Twitter at SMMW16 due to his explosive reporting on Twitter during the event and his eager interaction with and retweeting of the other influencers. Nevertheless, other speakers brought insightful and inspiring information to the social table, with some tweets stealing the limelight.

With more than 30,000 mentions over April 17 – 19, SMMW16 proved to be a social media success.

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