The social media marketing sphere has evolved into one of the biggest, if not the biggest platform for large and small brands alike, to leverage their online presence. Although, like every marketing opportunity, which seems just too-good-to-be-true, social media marketing comes with a catch: what happens when public opinion about your product isn’t positive?

Phineas T. Barnum may have coined the phrase ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ but that was in the 19th century, long before social media networks took to our screens. Nowadays, the new-age consumer loves nothing more than passing comment, criticising and even blackmailing with boycott to ensure he is heard. As social media becomes ever-more pervasive to organisational strategy, brands leave themselves wide open to unwanted online opinions, irate internauts and troublesome trolls. Unless (and it’s a big unless), they are capable of clever crisis management…but what can brands count on to save the day?

 In this blog, we give you 6 brand-saving solutions to spare you from social media meltdown and if you still can’t quite work out where superheroes fit into all this, you’ll just have to read on and find out more…

1. Listening leads the way

Civilians may have Superman to save the day, but who can brands bank on when social media mayhem occurs? Social media monitoring tools, like Digimind Social, of course! Much like Superman senses sounds at any wavelength, social media monitoring tools tune-in 24/7 to what’s buzzing about your brand!

Digimind Social’s smart listening software puts together a portfolio of what the public are liking, sharing and tweeting about your brand. Like the man of steel himself, Digimind’s sentiment analysis tool, keeps an ear-out for all those not-so-sunny sentiments on behalf your brand. This is critical for crisis management, as you can track change in sentiment before and after your response:

MWC  Phones -sentiment
Moreover, a
unique feature of Digimind Social, is the Top Reputation tool, which effectively manages your online reputation so you don’t have to! Digimind’s Top Search tool, for example, monitors global Google search terms surrounding your brand and presents the top searched suggestions, which not only modify what people look for (and ultimately find) but also indicate how your online reputation is changing over time (e.g. before and after your crisis response):

Top search - Curling (for Valentines post).png

Keeping on top of real-time mentions, using Digimind Social’s “Mentions” monitor, is also key to mitigating social media mayhem – after all, did you ever see Superman showing up late as Lois Lane fell from a burning building? It’s unheard of – literally.


2. Get your brands’ Spidey Senses tingling!

What do Spiderman and social media monitoring softwares have in common? They both look after the world wide web! Puns aside, if social media monitoring tools were to be likened to anyone, it would most certainly be the all-seeing, all-listening superhero. Get your brands’ spidey senses tingling, by implementing customized alerts, which track unusual activity surrounding your brand on social media sites.

Digimind Social’s custom-alerts function, for example, allows you to set 15 different filters which alert you to any out-of-the-ordinary occurrences:

Custom alerts.png


3. Fight fire with fire

Social media monitoring tools can be likened to the modern-day superheroes, firemen; the only difference being that one fights fire and the other, social media firestorms. However, in order for social media crisis relations to succeed, brands must use SMM tools in order to effectively fight fire with fire

What do I mean by this exactly? Let’s take the Domino’s disaster of 2009, for example, where two troublesome employees made a vile video of themselves contaminating customer’s food. Instead of reacting at the flashpoint (YouTube), Dominoes reacted around it, sending perfectly credible press releases out…via the wrong channels. Had Dominoes employed a social media monitoring tool, their crisis management team could have easily identified the channel driving the most traffic and targeted the trouble at its source.

To save you valuable fire-fighting time, Digimind Social’s media breakdown tool, tells you where mentions (left) are coming from and goes even further to show the audience/reach (right) of each type of media:

MWC  Phones -where_mediatype (1).pngMWC  Phones -where_mediatype (2).png


4. Eliminate Enemies

Social media influencers can be a friend or a foe to a firm. Mitigating the malicious mentions of irate, influential internauts, however, is key to masterful management of social media crises. Using a social media listening tool makes axing archenemies from your social media sphere easier than ever and is an essential step in saving social media face.

Digimind Social’s ‘Key Influencers’ feature (Who) allows you to monitor social media menaces in your midst and measures the weightiness of their words, giving them a ranking between 1 and 10. Check it out:

MWC Influencers.png


5. Get personal!

Social media monitoring tools, much like your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, identify people in need and should be used to personally provide help at the point of need. Make sure that your customers are singing your brand’s praises from the social media rooftops by getting personal when countering their comments. I don’t mean insulting the internaut, rather relating to their concerns and interacting with them on a more personal level. After all, social media monitoring, is all about Return on Relationship (ROR) and establishing two-way communication with customers is key…

Digimind’s mentions tool compels community managers to reply to tweets and other social comments or assign mentions to colleagues:

Reply to Mentions feature.png


6. Even brands need a trusty sidekick…

From Batman and Robin to Wonderwoman and Wondergirl, no superhero could go it alone without their trusty sidekick. Similarly, for your brand to successfully mitigate social media mayhem and cope with crises, you must collaborate with overseas subsidiaries to maintain manning of social media, across the map, 24/7. Digimind Social’s multi-user capabilities, make it possible for your brands global subsidiary sidekicks – Social Media Managers and Marketing Directors – to see what’s being said about your brand on social media in the click of a button.

There you have it, Digimind’s 6 brand-saving solutions! And remember, next time you face a social media meltdown…Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…it’s a social media monitoring tool – ready to save your brand from crisis!

As you delve further into the social media sphere, be prepared to combat crisis with Digimind’s social media monitoring interface! Well, what are you waiting for?


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