In a company that receives  13+ million unique visitors per month and has amassed a 40+ million fan base on social media, it is essential to harness the information waiting to be unleashed and there is no better way to do this than through a social listening tool and a sound social media monitoring strategy. Clique Media Group (CMG) do just this.

Clique Media Group are a data-driven editorial company, producing high-quality lifestyle content for the modern woman. They own 4 properties; Who What Wear , a fashion and style channel; My Domain, focused on lifestyle for the millennial woman; Byrdie, their channel for all things beauty; and their newest social-media only publication, Obsessee. Aspirational. Inspirational. All this makes them the modern woman’s bible and exploring their pages it’s easy to see why they’ve been able to cultivate their huge and engaged online community

“Social Media is really the crux of our business. It is pushing the business forward” – Jessica Blumenthal, Director of Consumer Insights.

One way that Clique Media Group use social listening is measuring the success of content and to develop positive strategies from this information. With core audiences spending more time than ever before on social media sites, Jessica tells us how important it is to really measure and understand the ways in which their audiences are reacting to their content, what pieces in particular are having the desired effect, and in turn allowing them to create targeted content that they can be sure will increase the likelihood of their audiences will wanting to engage with them. Social media truly has the power to reduce wasted time on experimental content, providing insights that allow companies to understand their target audience and only produce content they are guaranteed to respond to, it’s as simple as that.

“We needed a partner to help us better understand our ROI around our social activities” – Alex McLaughlin, Business Intelligence Analyst.

As Alex explains, whilst a listening tool can allow you to easily measure the average likes and retweets per post, it’s also about being able to go so much deeper than this to witness the ROI that social media has come to provide brands. For starters, the ability to benchmark not only against your own previous performance but to also level yourself with competitors allows you to stay on top of your market and audience.

Additionally the ability to see social media translate into offline business is priceless. For example, CMG developed their own clothing collection, Evergreen at Target. Having the ability to analyse the pieces users were reacting to most predominantly on social, and in turn seeing this translate to what is selling in stores shows that both social media and in-store strategy are on point and bringing profit to the line and the business. Further, they could track the campaign hashtag #MyWhoWhatWear to see what buyers had to say on social. With the use of the in-depth analysis available through Digimind Social they could also track additional keywords such as ‘target’ as not all consumers will comment using the official campaign hashtag.


“One of our upcoming challenges is answering these questions about demographics for an audience that we don’t have all that information on”

Essential for partnerships both with influencers and outside advertisers it is also imperative to be able to truly grasp the target market and understand the brand’s audience in terms of demographics. Understanding who is really talking about the brand across social media feeds back to both brand and outside advertisers benefitting the business community and customer-brand relationship as a whole. With the use of Digimind Social the marketing and sales teams are able to identify user-characteristic by state and even deeper by county, deeming how these unique groups react and in turn can create targeted social advertising to provide the most engaging content.


“They represent the aspirational nature of our reader and the lifestyle they are trying to obtain”

Using social listening has had a huge impact on the brand’s ability to identify and utilize influencers, whether this be major celebrities or micro-influencers who particularly resonate with generation Z. Influencers are essential to the brand and impact the way that users discover and interact with content and products. Through listening, CMG has been able to identify over 70 different bloggers and tastemakers, who in turn help to grow their networks. Of course with the data available they can also look at competitors influencers to gain insights and help improve their own outlook and strategies.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Clique Media Group, a company that rely heavily on Social Media well and truly prove the worth and power of social listening. They are able to use their clearly defined social metrics to feed data and insights back into content and strategy proving highly successful for brand and customer engagement. If the quality content and huge follower base aren’t proof enough of this we’re not sure what is!



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