Content may be no stranger to the marketing game, but with more organizations jumping on the bandwagon, the ability to differentiate oneself with great content from within is presenting both challenges and opportunities for marketers.

The inaugural Content 360 Malaysia, held on 28 October at the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, addressed this, with Digimind participating as one of the event’s key exhibitors.

Key Concepts Classification

Content marketing and branding were the hottest topics of the day, with ideas about brand identity, visual consistency, and “youtability” dominating the conversation on Twitter – coincidentally, the most active social media platform for the event, churning out 99% of mentions.

Marketers were equally concerned about how to leverage data to optimize their content strategies:

Data concepts

Thanks to Digimind Socal’s Clusters feature, which groups similar mentions and concepts, we were able to see which influencers were leading various conversations on content marketing. Kudos to Gaurav Gupta, Julian Matthews and Bjorn Spregners for sharing their insights!

Concepts Map

And speaking of influencers, our Digiminders were quick to participate in #Content360MY, making it to the top 10 Tweeters! The event even scored re-tweets from beyond Malaysia. #GoTeamMeerkat! 

Influencers Tweet

Much to our surprise, conversations about #Content360MY peaked at 3.30pm with 97 mentions, almost 3 times that at 9am. We suspect it had something to do with Julian Matthews’ dog videos.  



It was a fruitful day of networking and knowledge sharing, and we at Digimind Singapore had a great time connecting with like minded content advocates. See you next year!


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