When on the web and social networks, you explore new topics that you know little or nothing about and it can be complicated to readily determine the major themes of these new areas. What’s more, when your theme generates a great number of messages on the social web, how are you going to find the  articles or mentions to determine the most relevant or “influential” themes from such a large stream?
For your content strategy, you must quickly find the “top themes” and relevant topics from your intelligence and monitoring upstream: some tools, especially graphics, will help you see more clearly. Let’s look at how the Social Listening and analysis tools will benefit your Content Marketing: How can I discover new themes, find content ideas, see all the major themes of a particular sector or event and know the successful content of competitors.

1. Discover the most used keywords at a glance

Take this example which explores the messages surrounding the retail sector. What are the dominating topics in the conversations about supermarkets?

Police tag cloud
Key discussed concepts surrounding supermarkets. Why is the concept ‘Police’ relevant here?

The tag cloud, a classic visualization tool gathering the most used phrases, allows you to identify keywords or key expressions referring to supermarket chains. The tag cloud above shows that Sainsbury and Tesco dominate. But … what is the keyword “Police” doing within this sphere? In fact, the police intervened at a Tesco supermarket to capture an individual committing reprehensible activities.

supermarket mentions
The tag cloud is ideal to quickly get a grasp of the key subjects, but also also the smaller subjects “breaking” through the sidelines.

2. Understand the connections between concepts and discover the “story”

The tag cloud allows you to quickly see the key concepts of a sector or an event, but it does not so easily allow you to identify the relationships between the different key phrases and detect the “history around the concepts”.
With the Clustering tool, you can view the most discussed keywords related to other connected concepts (gathered in clusters, hence the name cluster tool) to tell a story.

Key concept topics around Sainsbury supermarkets.
Key concept topics around Sainsbury supermarkets.

The tag cloud on the Sainsbury supermarket chain shows the main keywords “Hundred of jobs” and “Jobs”. But what is it about ?

Clusters : The concept connexions around “Job losses” for Sainsbury's
Clusters : The concept connexions around “Job losses” for Sainsbury’s

Clusters allow you to see that these keywords concern the latest “Management Roles”, “new managerial positions”, “trainers” and “potential job losses” highlighting the pressing issue or ‘story’ for potential job losses linked to a new management training program in stores.

3. Visualize themes within the hierarchy

Another of the graphical analyses allows you to prioritize within the key topics and thus to structure your topic discovery.
It’s the wheels role to display the topics and “sub-topics” of a domain, from the center outwards.

Concept hierarchy at the heart of the Digital Marketing discussions
Concept hierarchy at the heart of the Digital Marketing discussions

With this exploration of discussions around marketing, the wheel reveals 5 major themes of the messages and articles analyzed: SMM (Social Media Monitoring), Twitter, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Analytics. The theme Social Media Marketing (on the right in blue), is then divided into five sub-themes: Snapchat, Social Selling, Startup, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Business.

4. Discover the most popular hashtags

Other key analyzes to discover new themes and fresh content ideas come from looking at the most used hashtags for a particular subject.

Hashtags can be created by brands and agencies, as well as by users, who for the most part come up with them spontaneously, as they reveal what customers or prospects want to highlight. Also, hashtags are ideal for understanding the trend discussions, the impact of advertising campaigns and to better understand the points of interest and preferred modes of communication for your communities.

The most used hashtags by online users talking about Tesco supermarkets.
The most used hashtags by online users talking about Tesco supermarkets.

These hashtags were most used in tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook and Google+ about Tesco, note that food waste (#foodwaste) is a major concern for social users.

5. Display the most shared content

You have explored different content, by browsing and discovering concepts through visual tools to support the analysis, such as with the tag cloud and Cluster wheels. Another type of analysis which will be valuable to your Content Marketing strategy is the most shared content on your own social networks. Let’s say you are a player in the music streaming market, Deezer. You produce content that is shared enough on social networks, but you would like to improve your sharing performance. However, you lack content ideas and most importantly, those which your communities like to share. The best Social Analytics tools allow you to easily view your most shared content and those which generate the most interaction on social networks, but also the performance of your competitors’ content.

Spotify mentions

You’ll discover the top content on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music … and get inspired to write and distribute your own content.

You can improve your content marketing by using these tricks and tools to increase productivity, performance and creativity!

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