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Melissa Chue - Mar 16, 2018

3 Things Brands Should Know About Twitter’s Sports Video Partnership in APAC

This year at Sportel Asia, Twitter announced a new premium content video partnership with nine leading sports channels around the region, giving fans access to more live programming, games, highlights, and events ranging from golf to soccer.

On top of broadcasters who are already available to marketers in APAC, including ONE Championship and National Basketball Association (NBA), Twitter’s new collaborators include:

  • Asian Tour
  • Astro Malaysia
  • BallBall
  • Eleven Sports
  • FOX Sports Asia
  • International Table Tennis Federation
  • NetTV
  • SportsFix TV
  • TV ONE

Twitter’s Expanded APAC Sports Video Partnership Network in a Nutshell

Hailing mostly from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, these channels will utilize Twitter’s In-Stream Sponsorships to enable publisher partners to monetise their video content. Brands will also have added opportunities to sponsor exclusive content and reach new audiences, via features such as pre-roll ads.

An example of a sports livestream from Twitter's sports video partnership. An example of a sports livestream on Twitter.

With Twitter joining the likes of YouTube to offer premium video content, what does this spell for marketers in Asia Pacific?

#1 The Return of Twitter for Advertisers

With Twitter’s monthly active usership declining steadily in most parts of Asia in recent years, marketers questioned the value of advertising on a platform where users were either inactive, or only logging in occasionally to comment on trending events or complain about sub-par experiences with brands.

The excitement and exclusivity associated with high quality, live-stream sports events could attract a highly targeted and engaged audience whom brands can reach and interact with during and after the broadcast, on top of existing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The success of such initiatives would be linked to creating content that is highly relevant to both the event and the viewers.

#2 New Avenues for Delivering Customer Experiences

In an age where consumers are always connected and on the go, brands need to design experiences that are all-encompassing and engaging for audiences across platforms.

By leveraging Twitter’s premium livestreams, brands can further align themselves with the interests and ardour of sports fans (in this case, live broadcasts of matches), while staying top of mind with potential customers. To do this, it is important to craft a message or offer that is not only relevant, but more importantly, not disruptive to the viewing experience.  

Advertisers can either participate in the conversation, or launch an exclusive offer for viewers that enhances their enjoyment of the stream, and in turn, makes them feel genuinely connected with the brand.

#3 A New High Score for Driving Actions and Tracking Campaigns

While sponsoring live sporting events can earn an insanely high amount of exposure for brands, social advertising is undeniably advantageous in terms of actionability and trackability, especially in this digital age.

Inserting a call to action that redirects viewers from a livestream to an ecommerce site or landing page, is more convenient and actionable than airing a thirty second TV commercial that encourages viewers to visit a brand’s website or call their customer hotline.

Social advertisers can also accurately track and measure the return on investment (ROI) of their sponsorships, by analyzing Twitter ad analytics, web traffic, as well as insights from their own customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

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On top of that, brands can better understand the type of audiences engaged during Twitter’s sports live streams, by collecting data on viewer demographics and behaviour.

In Summary

As social media platforms continue to grow and evolve their offerings, brands will have more avenues to reach, engage, and influence new and existing customers. Understanding how each channel works, where it fits in your overall marketing strategy, as well as how users interact and behave on it, is key to creating and delivering experiences that are not only relevant, but engaging for a niche audience.

Social listening tools that gather and aggregate data from social media in real time, can give marketers the added advantage of deciphering customer discussions and reactions, and adapting their messages to these trends with greater speed.

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Written by Melissa Chue

Melissa is a digital advocate who loves diving into the latest trends in digital and social media. Since joining Digimind’s marketing team in 2015, she has written studies for over 15 industries in Asia Pacific. When she is not telling stories about data, Melissa can be found exploring her favourite cafes and hangouts on Instagram @chuepachups.