We’ve all had those moments of solitude and isolation, feeling that we are sometimes spending our time finding information for others who never say thank you, good job, well done!

Lonely side of CI

Working as a CI professional can sometimes be a lonely task.

To be fair, everyone wants to talk to us when they need us.  It’s relatively easy to talk to someone who wants us to set up a new monitoring project, or to find information for them.  And in fact, sometimes it can feel like we get too much attention.

But, further down the line, when the project is up and running, when the newsletters, reports, etc. are going out on a regular basis, it can sometimes be difficult to get regular feedback.

The Power of Feedback

The obvious reason is that it indicates how well we are doing the job and how well we are answering the information needs of our readers. In addition, it can be motivating to see that people like the information we share, find it useful and are working with it to do their jobs better. And, as social media sites like Facebook have been demonstrating again and again, generating positivity around a post also generates buzz, and as a result greater visibility and more hits.

CI and Social Come Together (I like that)

And this is cool, because it’s more than a yearly phone call to check that all is well with the project, and that the readers’ needs are still being met.

Lonely side of CI 1

Digimind Intelligence has an built-in feedback system, allowing everyone who has access to information to indicate if they like the story and to leave comments, at any time.  It works in a very similar way to the proven methods from social media sites.  Just one click and it’s done (although leaving a comment involves a bit of keyboard use too).

The CI professionals can then see for themselves what others think of their nuggets of useful info.  You can sort information in different ways: by number of times read, by number of likes, by number of comments.  This will help you to see very easily which kinds of information are generating the most positive feedback and interactions, helping you to define on a microlevel what your readers are most interested in.

Every week the people who find information with Digimind will receive a weekly report, detailing the number of likes, comments and hits they have had over the previous week.  We’ll be able to see which were the most appreciated stories in a glance.  And, as an avid user of a smartphone app tracking my weekly exercise on my bike, I know that this kind of personal feedback will help keep us all motivated to find the best and most useful information.

Cate is our Training Manager at Digimind's Paris office.

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