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Jerome Maisch - Apr 9, 2014

Your Competitive Intelligence Food Groups

Give your company a health-kick!

Beach season is on it's way, and if your company is starting to look tired and out of shape then it may be time to get serious about your health. As in life, the health of a company must be maintained to ensure that it runs at optimum efficiency. If it is lacking in any area it must be put right before it starts to look tubby and undisciplined next to its competitors. This means getting the correct nutrients and fuel to keep it looking strong in the marketplace.

Digimind Intelligence is a fully comprehensive nutritional source, or rather market intelligence software, which allows companies to exercise timely and accurate business decisions. As one of the best competitive intelligence tools around, Digimind ethically gathers, analyses and refines information about your market automatically from hundreds of thousands of sources to improve your decision-making and strategy.

So what are the main intelligence food groups needed to ensure you outgun your competitors? Here we give you an overview of the 3 Key Intelligence Areas to fill up on:

Protein: Strategic decisions and actions

Just like protein, strategic information can play a number of critical roles in the body of the corporation. It is the meatiest intelligence as it can be used in all departments for the development of plans and strategies, whether that involves a marketing campaign, an action plan for new product rollouts, or a strategic investment decision.

Carbohydrates: Descriptions of the key players

Sometimes seen as a ‘filler’ food, carbohydrates are actually a vital source of nutrients for a company wishing to benchmark itself against its competitors. Getting to know all of the key players in your market is extremely important when it comes to making informed business decisions such as bidding against another firm for a client. However, key players are not just limited to your competitors; you can gain better insight into the initiatives and business trends of customers, suppliers, regulators and potential partners too.

Fat: Early warning signs

While many who want to stay in shape often try to avoid fat; in business there is no getting away from it completely. It’s important to prepare for crises and set alerts for things you don’t want to see. This kind of intelligence is extremely useful as it allows companies to foresee competitor initiatives, technological surprises and government actions before they can spiral out of control and have a big negative impact. By looking for early warning signs, companies can prepare contingency plans and tap into this reserve energy when the going gets tough.

It can be difficult to detect a nutritional imbalance or deficiency until the consequences physically manifest, yet corporations now have the option of monitoring their health constantly from the inside out, so that they can stay fit, healthy and at the top of their game.

So how can you tell which nutrients you are lacking? Digimind Intelligence can help you see exactly where you are deficient, as you can personally customize your platform to make sure that the intelligence you receive is specific to your needs. And in order to make sure the right people receive the most pertinent information, you can automatically create and share insightful reports and newsletters using the platform. Our unrivalled technology will allow you to quickly analyze, reflect and take action so your company can flex its muscles in the marketplace all year round.  

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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover