One on One with Giphy

During SMW, we had the chance to catch up with some notable influencers and industry leaders. Here, we chat one-on-one with some smart folks over at Giphy.

How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Increase Brand Awareness

Without data, brand awareness campaigns become little more than a shot in the dark. Here's how marketers can reach the right audience on the right channels.

REPORT: The Top 50 Insurance Companies on Social Media

The insurance industry is traditionally indebted with rules, regulations and corporate vernacular that it’s hard to see a common connection between its outward image...

SMW Buzz: Visuals, Words, and Actions

For those who missed out, here’s a recap of the most interesting presentations of day two.

5 Winning Customer Experience Examples to Inspire Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

Customer experience has evolved from an interaction between brand and customer, to an important factor in brand perception. Delivering a standout customer experience is all about creating an emotional connection between brand and customer by engaging them and putting them in the center of their strategy. Here are some unique and engaging examples to inspire your brand’s customer experience strategy!

The Analytics of Outrage: How Social Media Reacted to United Airlines

Specific to the outrage United Airlines recently inspired is this is the first time in history a viral act of violence came at the hands of a commercial brand.

5 Innovative Examples of AI in Marketing and Customer Experience Strategies

With 53% of brands surveyed by Salesforce’s Fourth Annual State of Marketing report planning to adopt AI in two years, how can marketers harness the power of AI? Here are some success stories of AI in marketing and customer experience, from innovative brands to inspire you!

How to Develop a Targeted Media List with Social Media Monitoring

Every PR practitioner knows an up-to-date media list is one of the most important things to getting your story in front of the right target audience. Here are a few tips on how you can use social media listening tools to build and maintain a targeted media list.

3 Metrics to Track, Predict and Measure the Real Impact of...

How your brand responds during and after a crisis can either repair or significantly damage brand reputation. Monitoring metrics such as volume of conversation over time, as well as how your customer sentiment evolves throughout the course of said crisis, is crucial in helping brands calibrate responses in real time.

Report: Singapore’s Top Telecommunications Companies on Social Media

For most, if not all B2C companies, social media serves the dual purpose of a digital front desk and a channel for market research. Nowhere...