We continue our 1st Advent calendar with the definition of “Storytelling” by Jean-Marc Dupouy, Director of Digital Strategies, StJohns agency .

🎈 The definition of Storytelling

Hashtag ideal to place in a tweet. Often brutally hijacked to mean “story” in French academic. Yet I do not give storytelling to my daughter to bed the night!
By cons, if she remembers my beautiful stories is because imagination takes her emotions. And that is a common effect in storytelling, narrative dimension essential for brands. It’s proven: good storytelling is more effective than three promises products, even on TV.
Counterexample: ” It was an amazing deal. It boosts me with a good transmedia storytelling “.


A chicken storytelling : In 1919, Joseph Grellier opens doors wares St Michel. It appears on the window and its products from a hen that will remain associated with the brand. Inspired, he sees the representation of rural France and its good products. Over time, it still embodies the values carried by the company.
In 2015, StJohns gives the St Michel contemporary voice Hen on the network that “cuicui” to install the brand presence on Twitter. The choice is to amplify the storytelling of this iconic animal … by giving it the mission of Community Manager!
The account is therefore to his name and is expressed in very personal.
The Hen is a real newbie, so she takes a few feet in the straw. It puts a little time before putting his profile picture up, hashtags are risky, too long … She tweets girlfriend with the accounts for an egg avatar. Today it spreads its wings on the network with followers she calls “my chicks”. His fans are launching her “my girl”, “sweetheart” …. familiarity welcome to hold high the endearing relationship with the brand.

Jerome Maisch
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